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        日期:2019-03-14   來源:http://www.qxngd.com/
        Excavators are not new to Jinan and even the whole country. After all, Lanxiang's advertisement is too unpopular. Because of the limitations of the excavator itself, it needs to cooperate with the use of the telescopic arm of the excavator in many scenarios to speed up the construction period, but we still need to pay attention to many operating standards when operating.
        1. After installing the telescopic arm of excavator, the operation difficulty of excavator will increase. Therefore, during the operation and walking, it is necessary to ensure that the site is smooth and solid. If it is soft in the air, it should be padded with sleepers or mattresses. In the marsh area, roadbed should be disposed of first, or the special Caterpillar board for wetland should be replaced. When starting operation, the upper limit of excavation height and depth can not exceed the mechanical performance rules except for loose soil.
        2.由于挖掘機伸縮臂比規范臂更長更重,動作慣性也更大,因而,在操作時要比規范臂的動作輕,各支配過程應平穩,動作不宜過快、過猛,不宜緊急制動。此外,為了確保安 全,裝置挖掘機伸縮臂之后,嚴禁改換運用超出規范容量的大挖斗,而且平整作業場地時,不得用鏟斗停止橫掃或用鏟斗對空中停止夯實。
        2. Because the telescopic arm of excavator is longer and heavier than the standard arm, and its action inertia is larger, the movement of the telescopic arm is lighter than that of the standard arm, the control process should be smooth, the action should not be too fast or too violent, and the emergency brake should not be applied. In addition, in order to ensure safety, it is strictly forbidden to change the large excavator bucket beyond the standard capacity after the expansion arm of the excavator is installed, and when leveling the work site, it is forbidden to stop sweeping with the bucket or tamping the air with the bucket.
        3. The items to be inspected before the excavator telescopic boom is operated should meet the following requirements: lighting, signal and alarm installation are intact; fuel, smooth oil and hydraulic oil fit rules; local articulation is reliable; hydraulic system is not leaked. When working, the telescopic arm of excavator should adhere to the degree position as far as possible, brake the walking mechanism, tighten the track, shiver up and down too fast, and collide with the frame or track when landing.
        Above all, the telescopic arm operation of excavator is a few points that need attention. Stopping the standard operation can not only speed up work efficiency, but also prevent unexpected attacks. We should bear in mind the above points! 


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