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        日期:2018-05-15   來源:http://www.qxngd.com/

          The long arm excavator rental company tells us that the walking device of the water and land excavator uses a catamaran structure caterpillar frame and a sealed box crawler plate to ensure safe cruising on the water.


          Because the height of the floating box of the land and water excavator is limited, it can be constructed at a depth of not more than two meters. If the water is too deep, the land and water excavator will float on the water surface.


          The long arm excavator rental company tells us that the water and land excavator adopts the reinforced super long work device and the special structure pin connection, and the high efficiency rotary mechanism to improve the operation quality and production efficiency.


          Beautiful appearance, spacious and fully equipped cab and simple acousto-optic alarm system can reduce the fatigue of long time operation and improve the comfort of handling. The perfect matching of advanced hydraulic system and engine can realize compound action and ensure efficient and reliable work and high economic performance.


          The long arm excavator rental company introduced that the water and land excavators could work on the coastal, lake, silt marshes and floats on the water by relying on their special walking devices. The main areas of work include underwater open drains, river cleaning, fish pond dredging and so on. Apart from the large chain, the water rail is the same as the dry land digger. But on land, it is difficult for the land and water excavator to walk.


          The long arm excavator rental company tells you that if it works at the seaside or Saline Lake, the land and water excavator must choose to strengthen it. It is possible to work in a shallow water area with a common type.


          We are willing to welcome the eight party guests with the best sense of service, sincerely cooperate with friends from all walks of life at home and abroad, and create a bright future together. Welcome everyone to visit and discuss!


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