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        日期:2018-06-01   來源:http://www.qxngd.com/

          If the sensor fails or the circuit lap short circuit has a problem, it will cause the emergence of the above fault, the sensor is not easy to purchase, the solution is to use two resistors to replace the sensor can also make the excavator work normally, but will lose the protection function.


          The long arm excavator leases the arms and arms that can't be lifted and extended. This fault is basically damaged by the crankshaft sensor of the big arm and the small arm. This sensor function is equivalent to a common potentiometer, used to perceive the angle of the working arm and prevent overturn or collision from overoperation.


          The telescopic boom excavator can cross some obstacles to load and unload the goods directly, because the telescopic arm device can carry on the loading and unloading operations across the trench, the step, the door and window hole and so on. According to the variable amplitude angle, it can also carry out the ditch clearing, repair, or leveling of the ditches on the downside surface, so it is more suitable for the field conditions. Use.


          The operation safety of the telescopic boom excavator is high, and the telescopic boom excavator has the function of load expansion. When it is on the uneven pavement, it can stop at the position away from the stacking point, open the stable leg, and use the expansion function and amplitude movement to complete the loading and unloading operation of the goods.


          The highlights of this article are from the detailed description of the long arm excavator lease. Please click on our official website: http://www.qxngd.com/, thank you for coming.


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