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        日期:2018-10-23   來源:http://www.qxngd.com/
        As a new type of building materials, steel sheet piles play an important role in the construction of bridge cofferdam, large pipeline laying, temporary ditch excavation as a retaining wall, water and sand retaining wall, wharf, unloading yard as a retaining wall, retaining wall, embankment protection bank and so on. Steel sheet pile as cofferdam is not only green, environmental protection and construction speed, construction cost is low, has a good waterproof function. So after the construction of steel sheet piles, what should we pay attention to when .加長臂挖掘機出租
        Steel sheet pile lease
        1, pile driver and auxiliary arm device and dismantled operation, please on the smooth and strong ground.
        2. When two or more people work together, please contact the signal according to the rules.
        3. When the pile driver is loading and unloading, use crane. Hooks are necessary to avoid decoupling.
        4. Please check whether the motor brake, hydraulic pipe, bolts, nuts, axle pins, etc. are loose every day. The capacity and leakage of the oil (lubricating oil) of the pile driver are examined.
        5. The installation and disassembly of the auxiliary arm shall be carried out according to the device and the unloading key of the hydraulic excavator bucket.
        6, please check whether the tooth block is worn too much.
        Steel sheet pile lease
        7, please regularly remove the pile head of the soil and so on. If the pile head deformation, please do not remove.
        8. When loading and unloading hydraulic pipes and connectors, please pay attention to turning off the engine of hydraulic excavator and wait for the internal pressure of hydraulic system to be eliminated. If there is still internal 
        9. With regard to the operation of the hydraulic pipe, when the high-pressure running oil leakage touches the skin or into the eyes, it will cause great risk to the human body, so please ask David's glasses and thick gloves. When the high-pressure oil is ejected, the plug is blocked by the stopper, and the method of stopping injection is adopted.
        10, when the damping rubber attack cracked, do not switch on the machine before replacing the new damping rubber.
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        This information is rented by the Extended Arm Excavator. For more information, please click: http://www.qxngd.com. Thank you.


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